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Suburbicon Trailer Review

Is this the weirdest, most intriguing movie of 2017?


Ready for some false sense of security? A suburban town, modelled off the old American dream nuclear family isn’t all it seems. Matt Damon is the star of the show who lives in an idilic world with his friends and neighbours until one night his wife is murdered. It seems the mob may have a hand in his wife’s death and Matt Damon wants to find out truly what happened. Cue a lot of fight scenes, murders and some funny moments which juxtapose the ideal family life against the grisly murders happening behind closed doors. Nothing is at it seems.


George Clooney is the surprising director of this movie, an area he is still fairly new in within the media sector but something I’m sure he understands well. This whole movie however oozes his style.

I am quite excited for this movie as it has hinted many small subplots and interesting moments. It may not be groundbreaking but it’s certainly something different that I believe could do well at the box office as long as it has good coverage. I’m interested in who the target audience is for this movie as it has so many levels so many different people could enjoy it. Whatever happens, I look forward to seeing how it develops before the release date.

What do you think of Suburbicon?

Until next time.

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