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Downrange Trailer Review

This is very Hills Have Eyes-esque, but it also looks new, has anyone done this idea before? I feel like they should’ve, it’s simple but could work really well.


It’s the standard cliche horror movie. A group of young adults go on a road trip when their tyre explodes in the middle of an open road where there is no signal. Overtime they get picked off one by one by a gunman camouflaged in the very sparse greenery. And that’s basically it. I didn’t say the story had a lot of details! It does make you wonder though, how does this movie end? Do they get away (somehow) or do they all die? I hope they all die.


To be honest, although this looks like a bog standard horror film riddled with cliches and boring characters the idea could actually be really good! Imagine it, the suspense of who’s going to die next, the fear of trying to save yourself while you’re trapped in a wasteland with only a car to protect you. Not being able to understand why this is happening to you or who this guy is. It could be a real thrill ride…if they did it properly. But alas, knowing Hollywood, I doubt they will.

This is a movie a bit like The Shallows, a movie you put on because you’ve exhausted your other options and then come to enjoy the movie as it is. Although it may not be a cinematic marvel I think it could be fun and enjoyable. The trailer is quite quick and suspenseful so why can’t the movie be that too?

What do you think of Downrange?

Until next time.

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