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Seven Sisters Trailer Review

Is this the movie version of Orphan Black?

Seven Sisters, which was called What Happened to Monday? But had its name changed follows the story of….surprise, surprise, seven sisters.


Willem Defoe has seven granddaughters who he names after the seven days of the week. The issue with this however is because of overpopulation there is a one child policy and no one can find out about the girls. For a while they seem to live inside until Willem allows them to leave the home, only on the day that their name is and under an alias that they all follow. But something goes wrong and Monday goes missing. They’re worried the government has got involved and they want to save her while making sure they aren’t captured/killed themselves.

This movie is fast paced, high action excitement with an interesting concept and brilliant actors.


I am very excited for this movie as, like I said earlier, the only other place I have seen this concept is with Orphan Black. Now that has sadly gone downhill for me so I hope because this is a movie it won’t have the chance to. The idea of the one child policy is something that could become a true part of our lives, I mean they had it in China so why not in America or England? It does seem a bit crazy though with the fact that the government and authorities will take away your other children after having your first. Does that mean all twins are doomed from the start? I guess we’ll have to find out.

It also reminds me of the Hunger Games movies too. It has that air to it especially with the setting and costumes. This is just another movie adding to the long list of futuristic movies that have come out recently. Surprisingly they all follow the same sort of premise. Is this a foreshadow of our future? Let’s hope not.

I can’t wait for this movie, even if Willem Defoe does terrify me. I think it’ll be an amazing experience and I’m excited to see how it pans out.

What do you think of Seven Sisters?

Until next time.


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