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In Search of Fellini Trailer Review

So, first things first, Fellini is a reference to Federico Fellini an Italian director who specialised in bizarre films.

This movie focuses on a young girl who travels to Italy in her search for ‘him’.


Lucy is a 20 year old woman who has lived a very sheltered life, she’s never had a job or ventured from her hometown. But she wants to go to Italy. She plans to go with her mother but is encouraged to go alone even though her mother is fearful of what could happen to her daughter. Lucy does leave alone and spends time in Italy where she goes to parties and gets drunk, trespasses into areas she shouldn’t be in, and seems to fall in love with a man who calls her ‘his Fellini’.

As the trailer continues it seems another man falls for her causing her to have to make choices in her life for the first time ever. Obviously she can’t handle it and has to start fending for herself. It looks like a beautiful movie with quite a simple story that’s very artsy and romantic and will probably be an easy watch.

And it’s also based on a true story, which is always lovely because it shows you little snippets of people’s real lives instead of ones invented in someone’s imagination.


I like the look of this movie for something girly and fun to watch with your friends. It’s definitely not a lads movie and is something more for a female audience. I think we can all connect with Lucy having to fly the nest and find her feet in this world, maybe we just weren’t so sheltered.

Lucy looks like a lovely character and from what I’ve seen different audience members could see the movie from different angles, from the mum’s in the audience who see it from the mother’s perspective to the teenagers who feel like Lucy, caught in a world they want to explore but can’t because of the fear of others.

I think this’ll be a lovely movie to watch with friends and enjoy on a night in and a glass of wine. I definitely hope it lives up to my expectations.

What do you think of In Search of Fellini?

Until next time.

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