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Keep Watching Trailer Review

I might as well just title this review as ‘cliche bingo’ because there is a lot.


So, let’s get started…

A family move into a new home *sigh*, where they start getting terrorised by a home invader. But he isn’t like any normal home invader, no this one likes to film his torture and has planted cameras around the house to watch his victims (kind of like a new paranormal activity/slasher crossover). He tells them that they need to kill or be killed and fight back, basically he likes the chase. There are a lot of jump scares (another to check off the bingo card) and all the cliche lines:



No run out the front door and get away you idiot!

And finally, it seems you don’t know why the killer is doing all of this, as he describes it: it’s just for fun. Woohoo.

Did you get bingo?


This movie looks ridiculously dumb. Honestly, I can’t take Bella Thorne seriously and still see her as a Disney kid so her trying to do something more dramatic and scary just doesn’t work.

This movie looks awful. It looks like it’s trying to take the popularity of vlogging and turn it scary. It might work as a college project or something like that but not a big movie.  There was only one point that actually scared me and that was when the dad was opening the curtain to one of the rooms and a polaroid camera takes his picture and in the picture the killer is stood behind him. That wasn’t fun, until they made the killer disappear and magically he was in front of the dad instead of behind him. No, that was stupid. You had a chance, and you ruined it.

I am not excited for this movie. Maybe if it didn’t look so low budget and had better actors I might be more interested but, alas, I bet I’ll still end up seeing this film. It’s one you chuck on when there’s nothing else to watch…it doesn’t mean I’ll enjoy it though.

Do you want to see Keep Watching?

Until next time.

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