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Super Dark Times Trailer Review

Can I just start by saying this movie has a silly title.

It was also compared to Donnie Darko so it has some big shoes to fill. Does it remind me of Donnie Darko? Not in the slightest.


Super Dark Times is very Super 8-esque, Stranger Things-esque with it following the story of a group of teenagers. They have a katana that they’re playing with cutting things in half in a field. It’s all fun and games until they start arguing and something happens. That something is most likely one of the lads gets accidentally murdered and the group promise to not tell anyone.

One of the lads starts getting questioned by people asking what happened to his friend, had he seen him recently etc. and he starts to go mad. The whole friendship group breaks down to protect each other but this lad is still having problems and what looks like hallucinations as he sees a body bag in one of the classrooms. The whole trailer is about hinting what will happen while not giving too much away.


My main question is do we know what happened? Like when the incident happens, do we as the audience get to see it, or are we left in the dark? Honestly I think it’d be so interesting to keep us in the dark thinking this kid is dead when really he isn’t or something happened that we don’t expect. That’s where I see the Donnie Darko comparison coming into play otherwise I don’t understand how you could compare it. It simply looks like a I Know What You Did Last Summer storyline….just without the killings.

I think this movie looks really good and could be quite psychological. Just from watching the trailer I want to know more and that really urges me to watch the movie. It looks very interesting and I hope it is good. I mainly want to understand the Donnie Darko comparison….

What do you think of Super Dark Times?

Until next time.

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