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Old People’s Home for Four Year Olds Review

This was one of the sweetest documentary/reality shows I have watched in a long time. If you need a pick me up go watch it now on 4od!


Old People’s Home for Four Year Olds is based in a Bristol old folks’ home. Based on an experiment conducted in America this old folks home has 11 elderly people and 10 children who come together to see what effect the children will have on the adults. As we get older we see less and less of people and the fear of death is more prominent so being able to mix these older people with some young ones who are full of life and give you hope in the future again is definitely not a bad thing.

To see if the experiment makes any difference a group of people who work in the folks home field conduct tests on the elderly to test their exercise levels, mental health and physical and give the audience a tour on what these readings mean. For example, the elderly are more likely to become depressed and if an elderly person takes longer than 12 seconds to get up from their chair and walk three metres they’re at a greater risk of falling. Introducing these children to them they are hoping that they will see a significant improvement in the elderly’s mental and physical health.

The show is only on for two episodes and spans six weeks so in this short amount of time you can really see the changes this makes. One stand out character was Hamish, a grumpy old man with a fake leg from an accident in his youth who is skeptical about the experiment who becomes a kid again. He no longer uses his stick while playing with the children and gets up and down off the floor with no issue. It’s crazy how something as simple as some human contact can make such a difference to people’s lives.


I think that’s the main message here. Yes we’re all growing up but our parents and grandparents are growing older too and we shouldn’t forget about them. Some are quite lucky in that they can keep living independently and won’t need assistance or to have to move into a home but even if they do you should visit them, give your time for them and just let them know that there is still people out there who care and think of them. Even just an afternoon a week could be enough to improve someone’s mood.

This show was excellent and I’m so glad to see it taking effect in care homes and hopefully letting the elderly people have a good last few years surrounded by happy faces instead of four blank walls.

What did you think of an Old People’s Home for Four Year Olds?

Until next time.


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