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Spa Wars Review

This may be the most enjoyable yet frustrating show on TV at the moment.


It sounds a bit stupid doesn’t it? Three different spa owners go to each others spas and get a treatment, they then give feedback and see how much they would have been charged, but they don’t have to pay full price and can pay what they think they deserve instead. Whoever gets the highest percentage of payment at the end wins! Woohoo.

It is a fun little show to watch especially as it shows you a bunch of different procedures you could get at a salon. I’d never even heard of reiki before this. It also goes all around the UK so you can see where is the best salon, according to this contest, in your area.


But then you get onto the people who go on this show.

Some are lovely, very bubbly and fun and are just there to have a good time. Then some take it too far just being absolutely horrible to their competition, being incredibly two faced and expecting one thing but receiving another because they asked for it! One woman even said ‘I’m shocked she didn’t stop the treatment when she saw how bad my skin was getting’ when literally two minutes earlier the owner asked if she was happy to continue and the same lady (who said the sentence above) said yes! She said yes so of course the therapist is going to continue! Absolute idiocy.

This show is very addictive and there are already so many episodes on ITV I definitely recommend you give it a watch. And don’t worry, it’s not just a show for the ladies, there’s a lot of gentlemen on there too and really, a massage doesn’t have a gender does it?

For something to watch on a cozy night in I definitely recommend this. But don’t blame me if you come out frustrated because the one who was really bitchy won or they ended up in a three way tie! A three way tie! I almost wanted to do the math on that to make sure it was right I was disgusted.

Anyway, enough of my rant, go watch this show and try something new next time you go to the salon. I’m off for a Thai massage.

Until next time.


  1. What a completely biased and uneducated review of a TV programme – do you actually know how these programmes work? They are edited, as a beauty salon owner, it’s up to the ‘professional’ to have the knowledge and experience to determine whether the treatment should be continued – not the client, the professional should have taken control of the experience and not asked the client if they should stop. The ‘Reiki’ treatment was an embarressment to me who has been practising for years – to say anything disparaging about the client during the treatment is highly unprofessional, it made a mockery out of a very spiritual and beneficial treatment – but your infancy in years and life experience is clear in your review – I look forward to reading your reviews when you have grown up


    • In response:
      ‘How programmes work? They are edited’ as I studied media for three years at university and now have a degree in TV and film making I do know how TV shows work.
      “embarressment to me” first, embarrassment and secondly, that is your opinion and this review is mine. If you don’t agree gladly comment, there’s no harm there, but understand that people don’t have the same views.
      “infancy in years and life experience” very immature of you to say so and that’s coming from a, as you say, “infant”.
      “reading your reviews when you have grown up” whether you wish to read my reviews or not this is how they are done and will continue to be done in the future. All I can say is, you may not like me, but you are still giving me views. Thank you and have a nice day.


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