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Escape Room Trailer Review

This, this is the sort of horror I love. Real horror that scares you to the core and stops you from doing the things you enjoy with the fear that it could all go wrong. None of this paranormal nonsense, this is true horror to me.

Screen Shot 2017-08-21 at 14.21.33

Everyone knows what an escape room is. It’s an event where you and your friends go into a room and you have to escape. If you escape you win, woohoo! It’s about team building, working together and using different people’s strengths to solve the puzzle.

But of course this is a horror film so it’s not as it seems.

This movie follows a group of friends on a night out for one of their birthdays. One of the girls has scheduled an escape room event for the evening so they get blindfolded and taken to the place, but then she disappears. She turns up later on, on a TV screen tied up in a cage and pleading for help. The group soon realise that this isn’t normal and they aren’t just playing a game but playing for their lives. Think Saw and Cube had a baby. This would be it, a brilliant movie with a simple storyline, compelling action and a touch of gore. Ok, maybe a bit more than a touch…

Screen Shot 2017-08-21 at 14.24.09

This movie looks really interesting. If the acting is good enough and the gore isn’t too over the top or fake I think it could really hold up as a great horror movie. As a stand alone movie too I think the story could be really interesting as it has mystery, it has a flow, it has a point and that point is to scare us! That’s exciting.

The issue with horrors at the moment is they try too hard. Too much gore, too many jump scares, terrible actors or terrible storylines. This looks like it has potential which is something different to what we’ve seen before. But with the likes of Get Out maybe it’s time for some good horror movies again.

What do you think of Escape Room?

Until next time.


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