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Moana Review

This may be the most stunning movie Disney has ever done. It is beautiful.


Moana is about a young girl called Moana who lives on an island with her family who are chiefs of a group of people. They stick to their island and have their own jobs until their crops start to die and they are no longer catching fish. Moana has always had a relationship with the sea, something her father hates but her grandmother tells her of the story of a man, a demigod, who doomed the world when he stole Te Fiti's heart. If she can find this demigod and give the heart back to Te Fiti everything will go back to normal once again. Moana makes it her goal to save her civilisation and bring order back to the world.

The demigod is Maui who can shape shift into anything he desires with the use of a magical fishhook. Maui and Moana become an unlikely duo throughout the film as Moana needs to learn to follow the sea and Maui needs a reality check to be honest.

Throw in the beautiful animation, the ridiculously catchy songs and some great actors and you've got yourself one hell of a movie.


This movie is a wonderful watch. It's fun, has a brilliant meaning and, as I've said plenty of times, is a stunning film to watch. It's enjoyable for both adults and children and has a great sense of humour. I recommend it to anyone, not just people who enjoy Disney because I do truly believe it is a movie anyone of any age or gender could enjoy.

As Disney seems to be enjoying the odd remake here and there it's nice to see they haven't given up completely in creating new and interesting content. It just seems they need a bit more time to think it up!

What do you think of Moana?

Until next time.


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