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The Vault Review

Spoiler free!

The Vault is a movie that is coming to cinemas on the 8th of September for the UK. It stars James Franco and follows the story of a group of criminals who rob a bank during a warehouse fire so they are less likely to get caught. One of the bankers, James Franco, says he can help the robbers and locates the bulk of the bank’s money in an old vault in the basement. They break into it but things start to go wrong, figures start emerging from the darkness and these aren’t your typical paranormal beings. There’s something much darker happening in this bank and these criminals are stuck right in the middle of it.


This movie is very enjoyable to watch. From the outset it throws you straight into the action and really gears you up for the bloody violence and gore that is awaiting you. Each character has their own role to play and does so very well. Even though some of these actors are lesser known you don’t need to know who they are to know they’re good.

What I loved about this movie was that it was something new, it begins as a heist movie and moves quickly towards a horror in the later scenes. It has plenty of jump scares, don’t all horrors these days? But some of the music cues are a bit odd and off time making the jump less scary. The actual ‘bad guys’ in this movie are terrifying enough you don’t really need the music cues to let you know ‘oh I should be scared right now’.


This movie will definitely stay with you for days after seeing it – at least it did for me. The monsters in this movie were terrifying and there was a good level of gore to horror to suspense that can be hard to do in movies. The only issue I have is the ending. Without giving too much away there is a twist, of course there is, but it’s not the twist you expect. I wonder, if I went to see this movie again, would the twist make more sense? Because right now I am still confused as to why this is such a big ‘wow’ moment and how the movie came to this ending. There were a few other moments I was skeptical on too but I will save that until the movie has been released.

Overall, this movie is definitely one to go see at the cinema especially if you like suspenseful horrors with a new style to them. The heist moments at the beginning are so fun to watch and the direction of it and cinematography is something to be admired. They really did do a fantastic job on this movie but I think they definitely lost it towards the end. For an hour and a half movie though they were able to pack a lot in and keep the audience engaged and entertained.

Are you excited to see The Vault?

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Until next time.

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