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Lego Masters Review

If you like the Great British Bake Off you will love this show. It is so heartwarming and enjoyable to watch you have to check out at least one episode!


Lego Masters is one of those competition TV shows where groups of people go against each other to be the best. This one is obviously based around Lego. Eight groups of two go head to head each week against each other to make the best contraption out of Lego. I’ve watched the first episode and they had to make a chair out of Lego big enough and sturdy enough for a grown man to sit on. This also had to be put next to a banquet feast full of food made from Lego pieces. Some of the most inventive ones was a rocket chair with zero gravity tea and a toilet chair with cakes. And yes, the toilet had a little Lego poo in it, because why not?

The thing I love most about this show is it’s for all ages. There are parent and children teams, friends, young kids and older kids alike. It’s such a joy to watch because they all really enjoy it too. Of course it’s quite tense and things don’t always go the right way but it isn’t hard or awkward to watch at all. Everyone is a good sport and they all seem to get along which makes it even more enjoyable.

Masters Of Lego

And like the contestants the show is also for audiences of all ages. Whether you like Lego or not you’ll love watching the things these people’s imaginations come up with and think ‘I could do that’ and then try it and realise it’s not as easy as it seems. Lego is a staple in so many people’s lives it’s one of those toys that when you see it you have to play with and get transported back to your childhood again.

This series has only just begun and there are many exciting times ahead including some very fun celebrity guests. I guarantee if you watch this show you’ll come away with a smile on your face and the Argos webpage in front of you ready to buy some Lego again.

And like I said in my Lego Batman and Lego Movie reviews, I truly do believe Lego could take over the world.

What do you think of Lego Masters?

Until next time.

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