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Hunger Games Review

When this movie was first released I loved it. I thought it was a wonderful piece of cinema, watching back now, it does have some faults, but it's still pretty good.


The Hunger Games is a dystopian future where a country (I can't remember which) has been split into different districts. The capital is the top district with all the food and money and luxury and as the district numbers grow (i.e district 1, 2, 3 etc.) the poorer the people are who live there. We follow Katniss, a girl who lives in district 12, the poorest district. She lives with her mum and younger sister and is friends with Gale, a hunk, and Peeta, a not so hunk. The Hunger Games is a Battle Royale contest where kids go up against each other from different districts and fight to the death until a victor is found. Katniss gets thrusted into this world when her younger sister is picked for the fight. Along with Peeta, the awkward kid who has a huge crush on Katniss, she has to fight to survive. But, of course, she changes things up in the tournament otherwise there wouldn't really be a storyline. Katniss makes it impossible for one victor to be found and brings hope to people in different districts. They're starting to rise up and the capital don't like it…


This movie is very interesting and an easy watch. I find it weird how it's quite easy to disconnect from the fact that you're watching kids kill each other, but then again they're all like mid-20s so maybe that's the reason.

The idea that our future could lead to this dystopian world is quite terrifying and really makes you think about what actions you should take in your life now. Yes the district idea seems far fetched but the idea of a Battle Royale happening? I mean it is just another reality TV show isn't it?

Jennifer Lawrence is a good actress so is easy to watch and Josh Hutcherson is a good little sidekick if he is a bit annoying. This film is a good opener to a trilogy (if you ignore part 1 and 2 and just shove them together) but definitely not the strongest film.

And as always in this line of movies, the books are always better.

If you want a good young adult/teen movie to watch why not give this one a go because it isn't a waste of time. It's a bit meh at points and the whole love thing going on is ridiculous but over all the story is believable and fun.

What do you think of The Hunger Games?

Until next time.


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