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King Arthur: Legend of the Sword Review

I’m not a huge fan of historic movies but this one starred Charlie Hunnam, so what’s a girl supposed to do?


This movie obviously follows the story of King Arthur…as he becomes King Arthur. From his beginnings where his parents are slaughtered by a black skull ghost man to him being sent down the river like a Bible exert to then growing up in a brothel and learning to fight. Obviously it shows him pulling the sword from the stone and learning to use that sword to fight the man that killed his parents who is, dun dun dun, a huge plot twist that honestly I didn’t see coming.

But let’s look at this from my point of view, because this is my website, I do not know the story of King Arthur inside out. I wasn’t that big on history in school so a lot of it flew over my head and watching this movie I felt if you didn’t know the story you wouldn’t understand it. At times it was very fast paced and a lot of characters were introduced who could’ve easily moulded into one over time and it was very hard to follow.


Then there was the tone. This movie was fun to watch don’t get me wrong, very British, and kept you interested (well mostly) but it seemed too slapstick, too funny for the sort of movie it was. Charlie definitely reminded me of a proper cockney Tom Hardy in this and yes that was something I’ve never seen him do before but it felt right. But when people are fighting and dying and then you cut to a funny montage of characters talking amongst themselves it didn’t exactly fit together. The movie also felt quite long and dragged in places. Certain scenes were made out to be exciting but only the music really made it exciting while the action was still subpar.

Overall, I think if you enjoy these sorts of movies you will enjoy this one. Guy Ritchie is a good director and he clearly has a talent for dialogue but this movie seemed a bit of an odd one to piece together. I was also told that the story had been changed from its original, obviously I don’t know if this is true because I don’t know it to its fullest but if that is true that’s a bit awkward. Why change something when it’s already exciting enough and written down in black and white before you?

I won’t be watching this movie again in a hurry and I don’t really recommend it but it does have good dialogue and I really feel like that’s the saving grace here.

What do you think of King Arthur?

Until next time.

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