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What Happened to Monday Review

Does anyone else find it annoying that there isn’t a question mark at the end of the title? No…just me? Ok, onto the review.


What Happened to Monday is a Netflix original film kind of like Orphan Black. In a dystopian future humanity is growing at an alarming rate and the world and resources can’t keep up with us. To combat this a law is put in place where people are only allowed one child and any other siblings will be put into a cryo-sleep where they will be frozen until they can be awoken in a better future. Willem Dafoe stars as Terry whose daughter gives birth to seven identical girls. He cares for these girls and names them after the days of the week and, as they grow, he only allows them out into the world on the day they were named after but they all have to be under the same identity. This means they will come up as one person with no sibling instead of seven separate people.

But, as the girls grow and start working at a bank, something goes wrong and Monday goes missing. Soon the government starts hunting the girls down and killing them off as a group of siblings living until their 30s under the regime will be bad for their business. But not everything is as it seems, who gave the girls up and why?


What Happened To Monday is an absolutely amazing movie. It has a clear story with an obvious beginning middle and end and also makes you question who is in the right and wrong. As the founder of the one child program said ‘you seven were so selfish, how many families could you have fed instead of yourselves?’ and it is true. Families are out there starving while others are being gluttonous just because they can. Yes in the movie they are seen eating a rat and rice so not exactly a delicacy but they still take more than others. The thing is the planet cannot sustain this amount of people. Something had to be put in place to help the world and each other and from the graph shown at the end it does seem to be making a difference and things are changing. It’s just such a shame things had to get so bad for us to have to take such drastic measures to save the world.

This movie is definitely one to watch because it keeps you on your toes, it makes you think about your own life choices while making you really care for the characters you’re watching. There are a lot of twists and turns to be had and this movie even had me screaming at my TV in shock at what I was seeing.

If you like dystopian future themes like The Hunger Games and The Purge, and also the clever cinematography of Orphan Black this movie should definitely be added to your watch list. It is not a movie to be missed and you will enjoy it immensely.

What did you think of What Happened to Monday?

Until next time.

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