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Mockingjay Part 1 Review

What was the point in this movie? I mean seriously, what was the point?

I would write a review here, and I will, but I think this is more a space for a rant.


So Mockingjay is the last instalment in the Hunger Games series. But, in true Harry Potter/Twilight tradition we have to split it into a two parter because it’s all about that money.

So, a review:

A lot of walking. A lot of talking. Not much action. And Peeta’s a bit crazy but sadly we hardly get to see any of Peeta because he comes in at the end even though he’s one of the most interesting parts of the whole movie!

Katniss is making a propaganda video to get people fighting against the capital while also being in talks with President Snow as he is enemy number one. Those are really the main points. Like literally looking back and thinking about this movie there’s nothing else of importance.

And that’s why 2 part movies annoy me so much.


At least in Harry Potter we had some development. At least in Twilight, wait, I didn’t watch Twilight because I have taste. Anywho, the issue with Mockingjay is nothing happens until the last quarter of the book so trying to show off all this that and the other when nothing really happens is incredibly boring.

There was no point to this movie and it added nothing. You could easily skip part 1 and go straight to part 2 and still kind of pick it up and get it. And that’s what I hate about big movie studios. They don’t care about what they’re putting out there or what the fans might think, all they care about is making sure they still get an audience so they go crazy with the trailer and hype and then ultimately disappoint. But we’ll still go and see the final instalment won’t we because, after all, we’ve made it this far.

This movie is a piece of trash, a waste of time and just don’t bother. You want a good movie, watch the others and just try and catch up.

Do you see any point in separating books into parts when they’re put on the big screen?

Until next time.

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