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IT Review (2017)

This movie was a big deal for me because I am terrified of clowns and it was only my third horror movie I’ve ever seen in the cinema. Getting past all that though, it was my most hyped movie I wanted to see this year so I braved it, and I loved it.


This IT movie concentrates on when the loser’s club are kids during a summer in the 80s when Pennywise returns. Pennywise feeds on people’s fears and that’s how he kills them. The loser’s club’s fears include clowns (obviously), blood, and germs. Little Georgie is the first person close to the loser’s club to go missing after he is killed (horrifically I may add) by Pennywise. One of the kids in the loser’s club, Ben, has been piecing it all together and starts to realise who Pennywise is and why they are only getting terrorised now. It’s a very interesting story with a lot of little moments that I really enjoyed.

But, and there’s always a but, I found the jump scares a bit underwhelming. When the scare first happens it is terrifying but once the cloud of fear dissipates and you see what you were scared of, normally some CGI monster it loses its fear factor. Especially when the kids are getting chased around and stuff it’s a bit like yeah we get it move on now. Although I was terrified in a number of scenes and it did have me peeking through my fingers once the initial loud music jump scare had stopped I found it more funny than scary.


I absolutely loved Pennywise, he was the perfect mix of scary and creepy as well as having an air of mystery around him that keeps you intrigued. I was worried he looked a bit too scary but with the tone of the film and the way it played out he really fit into it all and left a lasting impression. The only part I didn’t like of Pennywise was the ending but I won’t spoil that for you.

The actors were absolutely brilliant and the movie definitely fit the 80s style it was set in. It felt very Goonies/Stand by Me/E.T -esque and I loved that. I also loved how the kids were kids, there were a lot of naughty jokes and funny moments that you knew came from a 12 year olds mouth. It was a good concoction of funny moments with the scares and the character developments that really let you get to know the characters and their backstories.

Although I found it more fun than scary and a few parts had me literally laughing out loud I would still recommend it as it did keep me on the edge of my seat. The actors were perfect for their parts and Pennywise was a great character too. I can’t wait to see how they play out the sequel with the kids all grown up and how things will have changed. This has definitely been one of my favourite movies of this year and I’ll happily return back and watch it again and again and still probably laugh and jump at all the same parts.

What did you think of IT?

Until next time.



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