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Riverdale Season One Review

Netflix are killing it with original TV series’ at the moment! And this is just another one you have to watch.


Riverdale is a small town in America that is like any other small town. Everyone knows everyone and there’s a lot of secrets. But these secrets start to unravel when a local boy of a rich family, Jason, washes up dead, shot in the head, on a riverbank one evening. The many families of this small town start to unravel and many secrets are exposed including incest, drug smuggling, and money laundering. The people we know around us aren’t who they appear to be and watching each episode as more and more is revealed is riveting!

The main characters in this series include Jughead, Archie, Betty, Polly, Veronica and Cheryl. Jughead is a young boy who is homeless due to his father’s jail time and connection to a biker gang. Archie and Betty have been friends for years but have never taken things to the next level. Polly, Betty’s sister, was taken away after her boyfriend, the late Jason hurt her. Veronica is the new girl, a spoilt rich girl who’s father is in jail for money laundering. Finally Cheryl, Jason’s twin sister and the bitch of the school. But these aren’t just school friends, oh no, there’s a lot more beneath the surface and throughout this series some of their lives are changed forever.

I started this show because I had heard a lot of people talking about it. It seemed interesting to me and I love crime dramas so why not? The setting being a school is very interesting as it ties teenage drama along with the murder case happening alongside. It isn’t just one thing, it’s a mesh of a few different genres and storylines and that helps keep you captivated.


Each episode reels you in more to want to know who these people are and what made them who they are too. From their upbringings to their peer groups there’s a lot of influences here and it’s quite interesting to see how they become either walking cliches of those factors or break the mould and become something different.

This series will keep you hooked and the ending literally had me shouting at the TV. Although it is quite easy to piece together who killed Jason the questions around why and what led to that murder are what is really interesting. You really get to know the characters over the episodes and this makes the things they do and what happens to them all the more hard to watch (especially the ending, dear God I was almost crying).

I haven’t been this into or captivated by a TV show in the longest time and it’s nice to have something to binge watch and talk about online. If you haven’t watched this show I definitely recommend it as it is very captivating and quite entertaining. I can’t wait for season two and to see what happens next.

What do you think of Riverdale?

Until next time.



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