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Westworld Review

This is one of the most interesting TV shows out there at the moment and I can’t wait for season two!


Westworld began life as a film in 1973 and was recently remade into a TV series for a new audience. Westworld is a theme park set around the Wild West but instead of people in crazy animal costumes like Disney there are robots dotted throughout the park that look and sound like real people. The difference is, of course the attendees have guns but these guns don’t harm other humans, only the robots. So you can differentiate between humans and robots easily. Then these robots shut down at night and come back again the next day new and with no memories of the days before…or they should.

One of the creators wants them to be even more human and have memories and be able to pull emotion from those memories. This starts to cause problems in the park with robots who start deciding their own destiny and fighting back against the humans who just want to do harm and live out their own fantasies. This includes the man in black who has a special spot for Delores and Maeve, a robot who remembers a past time where she had a child and hopes to find this kid again. These storylines take you on an adventure through the park and see how people treat each other and how sometimes, nothing is what it seems.


This show messes with your head and is so addictive you have to keep watching. I won’t give anything away but it’s so much fun putting pieces together and realising things before it is revealed on screen. I nearly screamed at some of the revelations. The ending has also been left open so it’s exciting to see where Westworld goes for season two and what our favourite characters get up to in the future.

This is a must watch and is available on Netflix for easy viewing. I definitely recommend it and I’d love to know what you think of the show too!

Until next time.

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