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Naked Attraction Review

Who remembers the days of Cilla Black on Blind Date? Or even the Channel 4 show First Dates? People would meet others through conventional ways, through their personalties or over dinner, getting to know people in their own time and deciding, in a very un-shallow way whether they want to pursue this person or not.

But that isn’t the modern day is it? With the likes of Tinder and really any social media people are much more shallow. Finding a mate through looks instead of personality, deciding if someone is good enough for them or not and using awful pick up lines instead of trying to be themselves. Who would’ve thought this way of dating could get worse?

And then Naked Attraction happened.


Naked Attraction is a dating show set up almost like a game show on Channel 4 where a lucky guy or girl gets to choose a date from six people. But instead of getting to know the people through dates or by being hidden behind a screen the person instead gets to see their potential future partner naked. Full blown naked with everything out. There are no secrets here.

So this is how the show operates:

  • Person gets to pick between 6 potential dates.
  • They start with seeing the 6 people’s lower bodies (yes the area that is awkward to speak of in public) and decide whether they like what they see. They then vote off one person and gets to see who they voted off.
  • Then they get to see the top half of their potential dates, the chest area, and again get to vote someone off.
  • Down to four now they get to see their faces and again vote someone off.
  • Next is their voice. That is obviously such an important thing in a potential partner (sigh) and again someone is voted off.
  • The last two get to join the presenter down on the stage where the person picking then has to go get naked too so now everyone is basically naked. They then chose who they want to go on a date with and we get to see whether that date goes well or not.

Like, does this seem to be the weirdest idea for a dating show in the world or what? It seems like something you’d watch in a dystopian future movie and laugh at, not something that is actually real.

First off, the people who go on this show must have some pretty big balls to get their kit off in front of the entire of the UK! (and yes we can see just how big their balls are). And they get so in-depth with everything! Talking about certain body parts and how each person looks. It must be quite liberating but at the same time people are picking you apart based on what you look like and sometimes on things you can’t even change. That can’t be fun can it? I know I’d get incredibly self conscious from taking part.


But then I get the idea behind it. The point is to show that everyone is different and even if your breasts might be different sizes or your genitals flop a weird direction it’s ok and it’s not as weird as you think. They have a lot of breaks where they talk about how many people have this disfiguration or that weird body part to make you feel more normal but it’s still a bit too weird for me.

I don’t like that you don’t get to know the person first. Yes physical attraction is important but it’s not the be all end all. If you have nothing in common with a person a pretty face isn’t going to save your relationship. That’s the issue with the use of social media and the way people meet now. We’re all a bunch of shallow egotistical people who think we’re god’s gift when we’re not. Many won’t even engage in conversation with others if they think they’re below them. They might be perfect for each other in personalities but one of your teeth is crocked? Or your boobs aren’t big enough? Nope swipe left, we wouldn’t even give them a second look.

What do you think of this style of dating? Is it right or wrong? Yes it is good to know that your partners body has all the parts you’re looking for but at the same time why should that be the pinnacle focus? Shouldn’t we be focusing on what’s inside rather than what’s on the outside? Maybe I’m old fashioned.

What do you think of Naked Attraction?

Until next time.


  1. So someone has a brilliant personality, but not what you would describe as the best body, would you end the relationship? People aren’t attracted to people because if their naked body. I think it is just a programme for people to show off. I think it is pretty shallow.


  2. I have no words for this show. How on earth did this ever get approved?! One minute we’re making progress and things are getting less shallow and self obsessed then crap like this comes along and sets us right back. No thank you.


  3. I don’t really like the concept of the show to be honest. I guess a part of me thinks it’s just cruel to broadcast people being rejected because of their body, but then I guess that happens in the dating world every day anyway. At the start of a relationship the physical attraction is obviously important but there’s just so much more to a successful relationship so I think this show just misses the point. Rant over haha. xx

    Sincerely, Sarah xx


    • I’m exactly the same. It might be interesting for TV and people’s nosey-ness but that doesn’t mean it’s a good idea. It’s one of those just because you can doesn’t mean you should. I would never want to go on a show like this xx


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