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Insidious: The Last Key Trailer Review

The first Insidious movie I enjoyed, it was the first horror movie I ever saw at the cinema and I jumped like a kangaroo. The second movie was good, it tied up loose ends from the first and kept the audience engaged. The third movie was an absolute shambles. It was ridiculous and over the top and just awful. Now they’ve created a fourth, and to be honest, I am thinking this movie will go the same way the third will.


In this movie, a new family need help after moving into a new home, there’s the first cliche. Get your cliche bingo cards out, there’s a lot! The shocker though is the house was Elise’s childhood home and she has seen the same monsters before. The monster in this movie has keys for hands, for whatever reason, and is able to lock and unlock your voice box making it impossible for you to scream out. That’s probably the most terrifying part.

Of course The Further is involved and demons there are showing them about as they need to find people there to help them. Then there’s other demons, demons that look like the things from Until Dawn and are just weird. I miss Darth Maul from the first film. And, of course, there’s lots of jump scares, some found footage scenes which is a bit strange, and just a lot of weirdness.


I’ll be honest, this movie could be scary but this whole franchise has gone on for too long. We’ve completely lost the point of the first movie and just have some familiar characters and the Further to keep us entertained. The demons do look scary but that’s about it. The storyline looks overdrawn and very over the top, the characters seem two-demensional, and I’m just done with this series.

It was good at the start and now it’s a money making machine and that’s all these people care about. I hate that. I hate the fact that original stories and ideas have no place in Hollywood anymore when a quick awful sequel can reel in the audiences and the money. Sometimes we need something a bit different, a bit out there that could become a box office success but that work needs more faith than a series that has already been proven to be good.

Hopefully this will be the last movie.

What do you think of Insidious: The Last Key?

Until next time.

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  1. I saw the first Insidious accidentally (couldn’t find the remote to change the channel and was too lazy to get up and switch the TV off) and wasn’t really into it. I get the appeal of Insidious but I hate films where you can pretty much guess the end long before it happens. I haven’t seen the second or third one but saw the trailer for The Last Key right before IT and it looks terrible. It looks like a film that was hastily thrown together in order to make more money off of a movie franchise that really needs to stop. Production companies should learn from the Final Destination movies; once you hit the third film you’re completely out of good ideas!


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