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Rick and Morty Season Three Review

The last few seasons of Rick and Morty have been good but this one took a turn. Was it for better or worse though? Well that’s for you to decide.


In this season Rick turns himself into a pickle and then a pickle/cockroach/rat hybrid. Jerry and Beth have separated and living apart so the kids have to do all the awkward visits in between and everything is just a lot more dark and foreboding.

Of course the most memorable episode was pickle Rick and it is definitely still my favourite out of all of the episodes. With the inclusion of the Jerry and Beth storyline it adds an extra dynamic and more layers to the show. Especially when Jerry threatens to kill himself and Rick too. That was a weird one.


Of course, if you’re reading a season three review of Rick and Morty you’ve already been watching it so I don’t need to tell you to watch it. Rather let me know what your favourite episodes were from this season and where it could go. I think the whole Beth ending with the question of whether she’s a clone or not is an interesting one and could be developed later on. With Rick starting to lose his family too, especially Morty it makes you wonder who will be the main characters. All the characters have been developed more throughout this season so even if Summer had a few adventures alone I think her character would be interesting to watch while in the first season I would’ve hated it.

I am intrigued to see what happens next. I do feel like we may have reached the top of the mountain for Rick and Morty and now we may be on our journey back down towards the end, but I hope they come up with interesting ideas and things that will keep the show going as it is an amazing show to watch. Very funny, simple as well as being a bit complex and always surprises you.

I just wish the fans weren’t so immature.

What did you think of season three?

Until next time.


  1. I know a lot of people agree with you about the merits of S3, but as a big fan of the first two, I have been rather disappointed by this third batch of episodes. Yes a couple have the same wit and creativity, but the writers seem to have gone for a more-is-better approach to all aspects of the show, including in-your-face call-outs to how meta they are being (cue a roll of my eyes), a deluge of returning characters, nods and references to what came before (instead of new creations) – and faaaaar too much bleeped swearing and adult humour for the sake of being shocking.


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