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Doctor Foster Season Two Review

I’ll be honest, this season was definitely not as good as the first, but can anything ever top that?


The first episode gave me a lot of high hopes, Simon coming back, Gemma losing her rag on more than one occasion and doing some very questionable things and little Tom, or not so little Tom now, finding his way into the world while stuck in between two bickering parents. Believe me, I’ve been there, I know how it is.

But then the questionable things Gemma started doing became even more ridiculous and unbelievable and I started to resent her character too. A woman I once held up with pride saying she was an independent woman who didn’t take any crap and did what was best for herself and her son suddenly became a bit of a crazy lady and only thought of revenge. I mean the cliffhanger of her almost running Simon over was the icing on top of the cake for me. But then seeing him try to kill himself by walking into traffic was another thing entirely.

I feel for the most part it wasn’t obvious to the audience what this season was all about. It wasn’t about the arguing parents or the back and forth or even the silly little problems in everyone else’s lives. It was about Tom. In the end Tom runs away, he leaves, he can’t take it anymore and Gemma tries to find him before making a desperate plea to us the audience telling Tom that he always has a home and she’ll always be there for him.

It felt odd. It didn’t mesh with the rest of the season and the fourth wall break felt intrusive and awkward. But that’s what this season was all about. About a young boy being caught in the middle of two toxic people and not having any way out of it. He makes some questionable choices yes but he’s only a teenager, he has to learn from his mistakes and grow and change and become a better person but with these two about it is obviously hard for him to do. Running away seems like the only way out and the only way to save himself. Between a mother who blackmails her ex-husband and lies and deceives to a father who wants to kill himself at every turn and manipulates Tom’s way of seeing his own mother it’s a horrendous situation to be stuck in-between.


And there’s the point. The first season was about Gemma finding her escape, learning the truth and realising she is better and stronger than Simon and should not put up with his horrific behaviour. And this season was Tom realising the same thing. That he has to get away to save himself and his future and be a better person. Being around either of his parents is a bad idea and although it is awful for it to get this bad and for him to think this is the only option it’s easy to see why.

My parents split when I was sixteen going through my A Levels and that was horrible. I completely understand what Tom is going through but I wonder where the show will go from here. Will it take a new turn? Has it come to an end? I don’t know where the show could go unless we start to follow Tom and see what he does with his life, whether he becomes a better man or starts to become the man his father was. But then is that Doctor Foster? Is that the show we have come to love? In my opinion it’s not but I can’t see any other way the show could go.

What did you think of season two?

Until next time.

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