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Knights of the Damned Review

You know a movie is going to be awful when their production company also made a movie called Tsunam-bees.


Knights of the Damned follows knights, obviously, who go out to try and fight a dragon that is terrorising their kingdom. Along the way they meet mermaids/sirens, archers, zombies, and obviously dragons. The King is a big part of this movie because he wants to lock everyone out and have them ravaged by the zombies so he can live. For the life of me I can’t remember what happens to him, that’s how bad this movie is, it’s so easily forgettable.

On the DVD case a quote said ‘Game of Thrones meets The Walking Dead…with mermaids’ and that just about sums it up. If you can get passed the sub par acting and the horrific CGI you can really see how awful this movie is because it is so cluttered. The story is hard to follow. The characters have barely any depth and it’s all bad really. There’s a reason it went straight to DVD.


So why did I buy it you ask? I didn’t buy it for me but for someone else who has a fascination with dragons and couldn’t resist. So here I am giving you the advice to don’t waste your money and don’t watch it! It’s absolutely terrible, drags on awfully, and the worst part:

It’s the first part!

The first movie of a series! How? Why? They actually thought they’d be able to make more of these!

And maybe they will. Maybe I’ll end up watching them too. I hope I don’t but you never know. The life of a film reviewer eh?

Just please, please don’t waste your time with this movie. It’s not even so bad it’s good!

Until next time.


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