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The Emoji Movie Review

Ok. Here me out. Yes this movie is ridiculous and stupid and childish. But I kind of enjoyed it. For the most part.


The Emoji Movie is about emojis….surprisingly. The ‘meh’ Emoji sucks at his job because he has emotions and so the council of emojis, or whatever, want to kill him so he can’t mess up their jobs of being emoji’s and risk being erased from the phone altogether. Yes, it’s ridiculous.

The hand emoji suggests he finds the hacker, a girl emoji who can get him to the cloud where he can be reprogrammed to always be meh. Throughout this adventure they end up in Candy Crush, Just Dance and Dropbox…there’s a lot of product placement in this movie.

But this movie is ultimately about friendship and how you shouldn’t conform to something you’re not just to fit in. It’s quite a sweet moral if you can get passed all the poo jokes sprinkled through it.


I think I enjoyed this movie because I am from that generation that uses emojis and these apps. I used to love Just Dance and I am still slightly addicted to Candy Crush. What bugged me through was who has Just Dance on their phone? How are you even meant to work that?!

At times it does try to be hip and young but at other times it does get everything pretty spot on. I wouldn’t dismiss this movie just because people say it’s bad. Watch it and make up your own mind. You might be surprised.

But I’ll leave you with my favourite quote from this movie: ‘What’s the point of being number one if there aren’t any other numbers?’ Cheesy I know!

What do you think of The Emoji Movie?

Until next time.


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