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Murder on the Orient Express Review

Spoiler free!

I was so excited for this movie. Crime movies are some of my favourites so one based so long ago with a sort of Cluedo feel to it made me extremely happy. Then I actually saw the movie, and well, it was majorly disappointing.


Murder on the Orient Express is about a murder, obviously, that happens on a train. It’s based off the Agatha Christie novel and the detective within it is Poirot. He boards the train to get some holiday time between cases when he is quickly thrust into this one. Who done it? It could’ve been anyone on the train and it is up to him to find out who.

Now this movie is practically two hours long but certainly doesn’t feel like it. The time seemed to pass incredibly quickly but that doesn’t mean to say it’s a good movie. I’ll start with the positives. The scenery and costumes are stunning. The actors are big A Listers so obviously it’s going to be good and the acting is good. But then there’s the actual story…

I don’t know whether it’s me in that I am used to the sort of Sherlock way of doing crime but it all felt rather boring. There was a lot of time to get to know the characters yet I still felt they were very two dimensional and easily forgettable. I didn’t even realise who had died for at least ten minutes after it had happened because I couldn’t remember anyones names. Then the talking, wow there was a lot of talking, I thought they’d be collecting clues or showing us how they’re putting the case together but nope none of that. Poirot made a lot of assumptions that surprisingly turned out to be true, never explained these either so they were very random and dumb. And honestly overall the whole thing seemed very underwhelming.


The dumbest part was when someone confessed to the murder then two seconds later Poirot says ‘I need to put together who did this’ um hello they just confessed! Do you really need to? You have the guilty party! Ridiculous.

Of course then things change and maybe it was good he didn’t say who the killer was as more evidence comes to light but that didn’t save the story.

Then it ended. Kind of out of the blue and left me feeling empty and bored and like I had just wasted two hours of my life. Maybe in a second watch I’ll notice things I missed the first time so enjoy it more but I doubt it. Maybe I need to read the original book to really get it…who knows? All I know is I expected more.

What do you think of Murder on the Orient Express?

Until next time.


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