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Stranger Things 2 Review

This show breaks my heart. Every time I watch it I feel like a proud mum watching her kids. Seeing how much they have grown up from the first series to this one and how they have improved as actors is the most heartwarming thing. But anyway, to the review!


Stranger Things 2 continues to follow the kids from Stranger Things because the Upside Down is not done with them yet. Will is still seeing things and throwing up Upside Down monsters. Dustin finds one of these monsters going through his trash and adopts it naming it Dart. Dart grows up and becomes a demidog, a horrific monster that if not stopped will kill everyone.

Alongside this Eleven is off finding her birth mother and learning where she has come from and where she really belongs. New girl Max is becoming a part of the group, even though most of the boys are against her, and Nancy is still trying to get justice for Barb.

From the old relatable characters to the new interesting ones this show will keep you on edge through each episode and make you never want to stop watching, even when you finish the final episode, that made me bawl my eyes out by the way.


What I find with a lot of TV shows is there is a lot of filler a lot of the time. They have the overall story but shove a lot of other things in to pad the run time. This show doesn’t seem to do that. Everything shown has a point and it’s very interesting. It keeps you engaged and you really get to know the characters too in this time.

Then the acting. The acting is phenomenal. It’s like the actors are living the story for real. It’s so believable and so interesting to watch I can’t get enough. And to think most of the actors are kids! They have a huge future ahead of them.

Comparing this series to the first they both have their good points and bad points but I feel so much closer to the characters in this series I could happily watch it again and again. Stranger Things is an absolute gem of a TV show and I can’t wait to see where they go next.

What was your favourite part of Stranger Things 2?

Until next time.

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