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Louis Theroux – Heroin Town Review

Louis Theroux is one of those journalists that has completely blown up. People seem to love him and his very honest way of uncovering stories. In his newest series he travels around America and each episode focuses on a different topic. His first episode: heroin.


Drug abuse is a huge issue no matter where you go but for a town to be plagued by such a horrific substance is incredibly shocking to watch. This town is in Huntington, West Virginia where people started out on prescription pills that soon headed to harder stuff.

It’s a sad watch because it is hard to know what we can do to help these people. Some obviously can’t be saved which is a huge shame while others may seek help but find it too hard to give up their addiction. Following the emergency services in the episode you can see that this is too high a problem and something that is breaking them. Especially as some of the people close to overdosing are people they have dealt with and saved before. When do you say enough is enough?

But who’s to blame? Is it the government and them try at helping people in the first place then leaving them to become shells of the people they once were. Or the drug dealers? The ones giving these people the addiction they so badly want. I do believe however, that if people are addicted enough, it doesn’t matter what stoppers you put in place they will find their fix.


I think that’s my main issue with these sorts of documentaries. Thanks for shining a light on the problem Louis but what are we supposed to do with the information? Well, maybe we can’t help the people we see on TV but we can help others around us who may be going down a similar route. A lot of these people are alone in what they’re going through or are with people who don’t see the harm. Maybe if we worked together to stop this problem from spreading we can stamp it out nearly altogether.

What do you think of Louis Theroux and Heroin Town?

Until next time.

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