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M&S Christmas Advert 2017 Review

This is my favourite Christmas advert of this year so far. What’s yours?


Now I’m not the biggest fan of Paddington. I kind of feel like he has been shoved down my throat in recent weeks especially with his new movie coming out but, with that being said, I did find this advert heartwarming and very Christmassy.

If you haven’t seen the advert it follows Paddington who is sleeping soundly on Christmas Eve. A burglar who has stolen people’s Christmas presents is hopping across Paddington’s roof when he falls. Paddington leaps to action thinking this man is Santa and helps him deliver the presents (he actually just stole). Overtime the burglar sees the error of his ways and how Christmas is a time of happiness and family. This all reaches a head when Paddington offers him a marmalade sandwich because he is just the sweetest little bear.


This advert is all about giving back and knowing how good of a feeling it is. This is what Christmas is all about. Giving gifts to the people you love and being there with them around Christmas time. Even the worst burglars who want to steal people’s happiness can be swayed when they see how much joy Christmas brings.

Of course this advert was promotion for the new Paddington movie but I definitely don’t feel like they shoved it in our faces. It had its own storyline and its own morals and I think that’s the main thing. It’s honestly a really sweet advert and one that won’t get old as we see it more and more towards Christmas.

What did you think of the M&S Christmas advert?

Watch it below!

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