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John Lewis Christmas Advert 2017 Review

Last year’s John Lewis advert people though it wasn’t Christmassy enough.

Sadly this year, I feel the same with this advert.


This year we get to meet Moz the monster. A giant monster that lives under a young boys bed. First the young boy doesn’t get on with him as he keeps him awake at night as he only comes out in the dark. Overtime however the boy becomes friends with the monster but this means he falls asleep all the time during the day. Moz realises this so buys him a nightlight for his room, thus making the monster go away. Where’s the Christmas element? Well it’s based around Christmas but that’s about it.

I really feel like John Lewis have lost their way with this one. At least last year’s was about the dog wanting to have fun too and not to be forgotten at Christmas but this one is  about a monster who just in the end gets rid of himself. I thought when the boy got the present from the monster it would be a cuddly version of him that would help him sleep better but nope, just a nightlight.



Why would this monster want to get rid of himself? He’s having fun with this young boy and joking around why would he want that to end? And where’d this monster come from? Surely he must’ve been annoying this kid for a long time seeing as he sleeps in the dark anyway.

It all felt very weird and not Christmassy at all. In the past John Lewis have been known for their Christmas adverts but now they’re really not as good as before. Maybe they have new writers or a new direction or whatever but I think they need to look back over their old adverts and see why people loved them so much and what they could do for next year, because right now, they’re really losing their way.

What did you think of the John Lewis Christmas advert?

Watch it below!


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