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Aldi Christmas Advert 2017 Review

How ridiculous that an advert about a carrot can give me goosebumps and more feels than the most romantic movies?

Kevin the Carrot is back! I love him so much it’s a bit of an obsession.


This time Kevin hops aboard an express train thinking he has seen Santa. On the train he gets onto a table full of all Christmassy goodies and sees a stunning looking female carrot. But not is all good as a gingerbread man is killed parodying the Murder on the Orient Express. Who did it? Will we ever find out?

Well Kevin has bigger problems when peas are accidentally flung towards his leading lady and he needs to save her. Jumping in front of the pea bullet he takes one straight to the chest and exclaims ‘I think I peed myself’

I died at this point.

It’s such dumb humour but I loved it. The girl carrot is thankful for his sacrifice and they happily do the Titanic pose at the front of the train.



This advert is absolutely brilliant. It has great humour, a good storyline and a very loveable main character. I also like that he is just a lowly carrot because that means more kids will be more connected to their vegetables and that’s definitely not a bad thing if it gets them eating more.

Kevin the carrot is a staple of Christmas adverts for me now and he always brings a smile to my face. I also like how Aldi add more to the storyline as Christmas comes closer keeping you more invested. Overall a very good advert.

What do you think of Kevin the carrot?

Watch the advert below!


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