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Debenhams Christmas Advert 2017 Review

This one was a tricky one for me. Yes I loved the whole fairytale Cinderella theme with a modern twist but there were moments that were just a bit too much for me. It could have been a great advert, one of my favourites, if it wasn’t for these moments.


The Debenhams Christmas advert follows a young woman who loses her shoe on the train. A young man who thought she was pretty finds it and tries to reunite her with it through social media and even newspapers after it goes viral. But in the end fate steps in and they find each other in the middle of a road and he reunites her with her lost shoe. Then she kisses him. And that’s where I have a problem.

Oh yeah, Ewan McGregor is in it too. Don’t get why but hey, he’s a good actor right?

But yes, the story is lovely, the characters are relatable and it’s the sort of love story anyone would want. Who wouldn’t want to meet their prince on a cold winter’s evening under classic street lamps and with Ewan McGregor watching on?

But then there’s the kiss. And this annoyed me. Maybe I’m being cynical or too realistic but it comes out of nowhere and feels awkward, intrusive even. She gets handed her shoe and then plonks one right on him. Luckily he kisses her back otherwise that would’ve been a very awkward moment. But it begs the question: do they even know each others names? Have they spoken before? Was he really into her or did he just want to help out someone else for some good luck at Christmas? Who knows. All I know is this advert would’ve been so much better without it and it definitely felt out of place.


But comparing it to the John Lewis advert, the big one of the last few years, it definitely had the Christmassy feel and you can’t fault that. It is a true Christmas advert and I like that. I just wish she had offered to get him a coffee or jokingly asked ‘who are you again?’ instead of kissing him.

What do you think?

Watch the advert below!

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