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Blue Planet II – One Ocean Review

David Attenborough is back! He is honestly one of my favourite presenters and although I love the Planet Earth documentaries there’s something so much more interesting about the ocean. I think it’s the fact we don’t know much about it so there’s so much more to learn. So move over lizard chasing snakes, it’s the walrus’ time!


The first episode of Blue Planet II follows animals from Antartica to the tropical coral reefs. We get to be up close and personal with a range of ocean life including killer whales, dolphins, seals, walruses and even a fish with teeth! We get to see how these animals have adapted to be able to survive, calling back to the fish with teeth again, he is able to find clams and break them open on rocks to eat the insides. To even the killer whales who use their tales to cause shock waves in the ocean to stun fish so they’re easier to eat. The brain power of these animals is enormous! The amount of skill and evolution these things have gone through to become the beings they are today is so cool to see. Especially the fish that, after a few years of being a woman, becomes a man to continue her genes – I couldn’t quite believe that one.


But the part I love most in these documentaries is the end where they show how they did it. How they filmed it and what lengths they went to. One thing I loved was that they stuck a camera connected to a suction cup to a killer whale when it came up to the surface so they could really get into the action. This one thing shows how much time and effort the team put into figuring things out for the show and how to get the best shots. Even going out on a jet ski in treacherous waters just to get some good shots of some dolphins seems like a crazy thing but these guys will happily do it.

This documentary is one of my favourites but it is also heartbreaking too. Not only does it show you the beauty hidden below the waters it is also shows how humans have ruined the seas and how we have killed off and eaten and hunted so many types of fish so much so that they are depleting fast. Hopefully, with more information on what we are doing to our planet we can find a way to change it and make it better.

What do you think of Blue Planet II?

Until next time.


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