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Tesco’s Christmas Advert 2017 Review

Is this the Christmas advert that has caused the most controversy?


Tesco’s Christmas advert is pretty simple really. Showing lots of different families from all walks of life coming together at Christmas in a very true to reality way. It’s quite sweet really and reminds you of Christmas’ in the past and what we can look forward to in the future.

But then the backlash happened.

It all started because the advert featured a Muslim family and Muslims do not celebrate Christmas. People thought it was wrong because it was something that would never happen and too PC. But then the Muslim community came out stating that they may not believe in the Christian story behind Christmas but believed in families coming together and spending time with one another on this day.


I’ll be honest. I see nothing wrong in that. I am not religious at all so to me Christmas is about the time we spend with loved ones and giving out presents and eating far too much food. To me it’s not about the birth of Jesus or going to church and celebrating his life.

But again, if that’s how you celebrate Christmas be my guest, carry on as there is nothing wrong in that. I just believe that there is more to it and we as a whole should be more accepting to people who want to be included. It’s a day of celebration after all. Why can’t we celebrate the year we’ve had and look forward to the next while telling bad cracker jokes and fitting that last mince pie in even though your stomach is about to explode.

What do you think of the Tesco’s Christmas advert?

Watch it below!

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