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Thor Ragnarok Review

Spoilers ahead.

I have always enjoyed Marvel films, more so than DC and a new Marvel film starring Chris Hemsworth sounded amazing…but for some reason I found it, kind of, meh.


Thor is back and this time he has returned to Asgard to find his father in exile and Loki in power. Then his dad dies (quite anticlimactically I might add) and his long lost sister Hela turns up and demands that she is the right ruler of Asgard. She manages to lose Thor and Loki on the rainbow road and they head off to a land where Thor is used as a gladiator to fight…Hulk. Yup apparently Hulk ended up here too at the end of Age of Ultron but who really remembers that movie?

They fight, then become friends again, and Thor realises he has to save Asgard. So he does obviously. Now there’s a lot more that happens but who cares about that when what we really want is some opinions (and boy do I have a few of those).

Firstly, I found this movie incredibly slow and boring up until Hulk showed up. He really added so much to this movie and was just hilarious. The other characters they meet on this planet too are brilliant and I hope we get to see more of them in the future.

Hela seemed like an interesting character but she was a bit underwhelming too and didn’t really do anything apart from rise a dead army who get killed pretty quickly and have a giant pet dog. When I heard about the actual Ragnarok this whole thing seemed a whole lot more exciting and scary. This felt more like a lost scene from Honey I Shrunk The Kids.

But the thing that bothered me the most was Thor’s eye gouging. Immediately his eye was blackened and red and that just didn’t seem believable to me. It seems to me like they couldn’t be bothered to do some good CGI on his eye and just blackened it up a bit in makeup instead. I don’t exactly want to google eye gouging but I’m pretty sure that’s not how it works.

And finally, because I just remembered this, Doctor Strange. What was he doing there? I hate Doctor Strange anyway but it seemed so out of place and clunky and the visual effects weren’t even that amazing and seemed very amateur. I felt like this movie could’ve easily done without his scene as it was just random.


So overall, most of this movie was good and the comedy was on point but the villain and the overall storyline was underwhelming and I really expected more. Just because a movie has good little moments doesn’t mean it’s overall good. I wanted Ragnarok to be darker, scarier even but that’s not Marvel now is it?

I can’t wait to see what happens with the Infinity War.

What did you think of Thor Ragnarok?

Until next time.



  1. The way these villains end up being written time and time again makes me worry for Infinity War. I know people are saying Thanos is gonna be different but it’s hard to imagine it at this point.


    • It’s just the same mould with a different name. I want him to be good but I feel like he’s been dragged out already and has lost his umph. Hopefully I’ll be proved wrong but at this point who knows?


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