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Justice League 2017 Review

Now, if you look back on my other DC reviews you can tell I’m not the biggest fan of their movies. Not because I’m a Marvel fan or whatever (even though I am) but because they don’t seem to have a clear cut vision and are a bit all over the place at the moment. With the release of Wonder Woman I found that movie really good and I hoped this movie would be just the same.

Honestly, I wasn’t disappointed.


Justice League is a team, in this movie, of Batman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, Aquaman, The Flash and Superman (if you haven’t seen his awful CGI face by now please Google it).

They come together because Steppenwolf has come back to bring together the three Mother Boxes and harness their power. The league have to stop him and work together through their differences during it.

Looking into the characters:

The Flash is a young man who is his age basically. Not immature as such but has only ever used his powers for practical jokes and getting away with things normal humans wouldn’t. He is very eager though and adds something different to a very serious group.

Cyborg is a bit of a mystery and a loner who hates what he is. His character is all about coming out of his shell and accepting what he is and who he could be. He’s definitely very interesting, captivating and a very good actor.

Aquaman is a lad and I love him. He’s very fun, a proper superhero and looks amazing too. I just love everything about his character and of course Jason Momoa is a great actor too.

Batman is a bit of a dad in this. A father figure that isn’t very fatherly. I enjoy him but I’m a bit bored already. There are better characters that deserve more screen time.

Wonder Woman is my bae and I think she’s wonderful. In this she really helps the group and has a good level head. From her stand alone movie for now she can do no wrong.

Then there’s Superman. I don’t know whether it’s because they had to CGI his moustache which I thought was ridiculous anyway but I found his performance quite wooden and not very captivating. He seemed much better in Batman v Superman so I may put it down to the direction he was given and the fact that his face just ruins everything. Why they didn’t just get him to shave it off and use a fake one makes me so confused.


The storyline was ok. It wasn’t brilliant but it was entertaining for the most part and then felt very, very rushed at the end. Steppenwolf was pretty underwhelming really and his weird mutant flying beasts just reminded me of the ones from Wizard of Oz.

I did feel like, especially with Steppenwolf, the amount of CGI was too much and it almost felt like I was watching an animated movie or even a video game someone else was playing. It disconnected me a bit and I wish more movies could be shot with real parts and effects and fight scenes instead of all this CGI jumping around-ness.

But overall, I definitely feel like DC is heading in the right direction. It has had some awful movies in the past but it’s seems to be crawling from that gutter and heading somewhere better. All we can do is hope though and see how the stand alone movies do, especially Aquaman’s.

I would recommend this movie. It has its faults but overall it’s an enjoyable experience and I would watch it again.

What did you think of Justice League?

Until next time.



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