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The Sex Robots Are Coming Review

Robots are a huge topic of discussion in this day and age. Where will they go next? How much more realistic can they be? And will they really be our demise? Well this documentary looked at one specific group of robots, the sex robots, and whether they are just used for sex or whether they are more like companions to people who may not have other people in their lives.


Sex dolls have been around for decades but they’re just dolls, they don’t talk or interact or anything. They literally lie back and let you do whatever you want to do with them. Bit creepy really. But this company in America wanted to change this and make a sex robot that could respond and recall memories and have proper conversations with their ‘owners’ as well as doing all the normal stuff a doll could do too. This robot came in the form of Harmony, a very pretty (you have to admit that she is a stunning) very interesting robot that can have full conversations with you…with her Scottish accent. No I don’t know why they made her Scottish either.

A man who is interested in this robot is James a man who has three dolls himself but his favourite is April a doll that is supposed to look like a twenty year old but honestly looks more like fourteen. He does have a wife, of many years, surprisingly but finds it hard to choose between his wife and the dolls as the dolls are on par with his feelings for an actual human he has loved for many years! It’s very strange! He takes them for days out, obviously does his business with them too and even sleeps in the same bed with them His wife says she’s OK with it but is she really? How can any woman who has grown older with this man (who is also an older gentleman) really be compared to a young, eternally youthful beauty that has been carved for perfection? I found it incredibly hurtful that he said that his doll was the most beautiful woman in the world when his wife was stood next to him. He has no consideration for her feelings and I think that’s where a lot of people had their issues.


I don’t have any issue with people doing whatever they want to in their own time and their own space as long as they aren’t hurting anyone else but here it is clear James is. He is so delusional he has lost all sense of reality and the real people around him. He has become transfixed with these beautiful ‘women’ and doesn’t see past them. That’s where I think sex robots are bad because they blur this line even more. Why talk to an actual human being when you can just charge up a robot and have a conversation? And one probably quite intelligent too as it is connected up to the endless troves of the internet.

For some it is good. It gives them a companion that can be there for them when others can’t or don’t bother. It’s also a bit of fun, like children playing with their dolls and dressing them up, except this one has working parts. Cringe.

I worry as to what will happen next with these robots and how far we will go to make them lifelike. Could they wipe out human interaction? For most I doubt it but there will be a few, like James, who will become so transfixed with these robots that they will lose their lives completely and one day wonder where all those days had gone where they could’ve had a real family and life and instead spent it with a hard, cold robot in a human body suit.

What do you think of the sex robots?

Until next time.

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