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All Star Driving School Review

This is one of those shows that is absolutely ridiculous but at the same time you can’t stop watching. Maybe because I like awful TV shows or maybe because I just passed my driving test myself (claps for me), whatever the reason…I am addicted!


All Star Driving School follows celebrities (in the loosest term) learning to drive. These celebs include people from Tattoo Fixers, TOWIE and Geordie Shore. They have a week to go from their first driving lesson with their instructors to their actual test. We get to follow them on this journey and find out in the end whether they have passed their test or not.

This is the sort of show you find randomly and end up binge watching in one go. It’s stupid and weird and of course very overdramatic but at the same time that makes it great. It’s so interesting as well to see these people go from awful drivers to people who have real driving licenses that they will probably never use because they have chauffeurs and everything (that’s how celebrities live right?).

All Star Driving School: Episode 6-10

The most annoying part of this show however is the presenter. She is Canadian and doesn’t seem to understand British humour or anything to do with Britain at all. She comments literally every few moments, like the Come Dine With Me guy but with no class or sass, and she comes across as very mean and rude and incredibly try-hard. I honestly think the show would be a thousand times better without her or at least with someone who understands Britain and our humour.

I wouldn’t recommend this show because it doesn’t really add anything to your life but it is something fun to watch when there’s nothing else. It’s weird and kind of wonderful but definitely not something I’d put on as a first choice. Check it out though because why not, you may enjoy it like I did too.

But even though it had a lot of product placement it didn’t make me want to buy a Suzuki.

Until next time.

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