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Top 10 Movies of 2017

I saw a bunch of movies in 2017 but not all of them, obviously, this is my list of my favourite movies from 2017 and some you may not agree with, that’s fine, but these are my top 10 and I would love to know yours too! Give me a comment telling me your favourites and any that I may not have seen! Enjoy 🙂

Get out

This movie was absolutely fantastic. One of the first movies I saw in 2017 and it blew me away. Horror is my favourite genre and getting to see such a fantastic horror movie that also has a lot of humour and doesn’t rely on jump scares was amazing. A 10/10 in my opinion.

Wonder Woman

Diana is out here doing it for all the girls! This year was huge for superhero movies but this one stood out for me because it was so well done and looked so good! Diana is the perfect woman for anyone to look up to and the no man’s land scene blew me away! No superhero movie has exceeded expectations like this one has and I can’t wait to see what else she brings to the table in the future.

Spider-Man Homecoming

There have been many Spiderman movies of the last couple of decades but I felt this one cast the perfect Spiderman. Not only did he fit Peter Parker’s school-nerd character perfectly he also had the humour and charm of Spiderman down too. A definite winner in my books.

Guardians of the Galaxy 2

This movie was just a brilliantly fun movie. It had a few tear jerking moments and a lot of laughs and I loved it from start to finish. Baby Groot is one of my favourite characters ever!


I love horror movies and this one mixed with the 80s and the comedy was gold! Pennywise was absolutely fantastic and being terrified of clowns he definitely helped me jump in my seat a lot in the cinema. The acting from the kids were phenomenal and I just absolutely loved it. May be my favourite movie of 2017.

The Lego Batman Movie

This movie killed me. It’s hilariously funny with all the charm of Batman thrown in too. I love what Lego are doing with their movies and this one was a winner for me. Now I just need a Lego Justice League and we’re all sorted!


Although I didn’t find the storyline very good the acting of James McAvoy saved this movie. It was phenomenal and I recommend anyone watch this film just for him.


Finally, Logan, Logan was a brilliant R rated superhero movie that we all needed. It was perfect for Wolverine’s character and was highly entertaining. If this paves the way for more R rated superhero movies I’d be happy because it was simply fantastic.

What were your favourite movies of 2017?

Until next time.


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