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Top 10 Worst Movies of 2017

A lot of people are against worst lists as they think it is disrespectful. That these directors have still poured their hearts and soul into these movies. But the thing is, we’re film critics, we are here to criticise and critique so I see no worry in telling it as it is. Surprisingly though, I did enjoy the Emoji Movie!

I did not enjoy these films, but I have my reasons, and I would love to know your opinions on them as well. Let’s get started:

Murder on the Orient Express

I found this movie quite boring. I was expecting some sort of Cluedo-esque mind-game but instead had a detective who kind of seemed to put things together on a whim with no rhyme or reason. The killers reveal was very anti-climactic and I wonder whether it could’ve been updated more for the 21st century. Maybe I’m just too young to enjoy a classic.

Justice League

I felt this was a step in the right direction for DC overall but was still a bit of a boring movie. I felt like I was watching a video game more than a movie. It was full of CGI and that took me away from the action and let’s not even start on Superman’s face! What they were thinking with that decision is beyond me!

The Dark Tower

This movie looked quite fantastical and fun but getting to it, it was actual quite slow and not very interesting. The final fight scene was the only part that actually had some oomph but even that was just full of CGI. The story was uninventive and I felt I had wasted my time.

Beauty and the Beast

First things first, the singing was horrendous. When you have a musical hire someone who can sing without layers of autotune! The story also seemed very outdated for the 21st century and almost cringy. I wish they hadn’t remade it as it is not what little girls should be aspiring for in this day and age. The original was so good why did Disney have to make this horrific cash-grab of a disaster?

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

I’m not a big fan of historical movies anyway but to me this one just seemed all over the place. There were moments of serious, moments of comedy and just a weird game-like monster at the end. I just plainly didn’t enjoy it and would not watch again.

The Snowman

A review will be coming of this shortly but this movie was just bad. I had some hope for it but the villain was a horrific stereotype, the story was slow and uninteresting and the acting wasn’t great. The real shame here was I think it could’ve been good but it just lost its way.

Death Note

The most horrific movie of 2017! The characters were horrible, the action was drab and the actual death side of it that could’ve been awesome was very lack-lustre. I don’t get why they had to make this seeing as the original is apparently so good. Just another cash grab in my eyes.


The original was fantastic. This was not. In my first viewing I actually fell asleep watching it because it was so boring and when I went to watch it again I can see why. Awful jump scares, a boring storyline and just over the top ridiculousness. Stick to the original.

The Bye Bye Man

This was just full of bad decisions and stupid kids. The decisions made in this movie made no sense and honestly made me hate everyone within it. The Bye Bye Man was absolutely awful CGI and honestly it’s just a bad cheap horror that you should definitely miss.

What movies did you not enjoy in 2017?

Until next time.

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