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Top 10 Reviews of 2017

In 2017 a lot of film and TV came out and I was there to review it all! (or some at least) Below is my top 10 reviews of 2017, some are a little random, but some make a lot of sense just because of how good the shows or films talked about are. I hope you enjoy!

Jumanji 2017 Trailer

This picked up a lot of views at the end of 2017 around the time the actual movie came out and mainly from the US. A bit random but I’m not complaining. I still need to see this movie and I am very excited to seeing how much the trailer has been watched and read about.

Helloworld Review

Want views? Talk about things happening on Twitter. Helloworld blew up on Twitter and I knew I had to talk about it because I found the whole thing quite disgusting and ridiculous. Let’s hope youtubers become more credible in 2018 but I honestly doubt that.

Bath Bomb Dyed My Hair?!

This is random. This is not a TV or film review but rather something I wrote years ago. To summarise: a bath bomb did dye my blonde hair pink and stayed like it after a few washes. So basically: be careful with them if you have light hair!

Spa Wars Review

This got a lot of views on Twitter and was shared by quite a few people that were part of the show! A great achievement. I love Spa Wars and would love to try out all the treatments they got to. It certainly added a few new ones to my list too!

Naked Attraction Review

I guess people just like nakedness! This review was so popular even though Naked Attraction has been going on for so long. I watched it because there was nothing else on but honestly it was so much fun to write about. Are we becoming more vain as a nation? What do you think?

Sherlock Season 4 Review

I miss Sherlock and clearly others do too if they’re reading my review. Season four wasn’t the best but was definitely interesting. Nothing can beat season one though. Original Sherlock will always be the best.

Thirteen Reasons Why – Alex

This was huge online again. Alex was such a prominent character for me in this show and you should definitely give it a watch if you haven’t. In 2018 be nice to people and always try to be kind. No negativity because you never know how it could affect people.

PLL End Game Review

I love my little PLL rants which is the only reason I am upset it is over. My final rant of PLL and one you need to read! They’re always a lot of fun.

Look What You Made Me Do Review

Ok, a music video review. With new Taylor coming to light I had to write about this song and even though I wasn’t the biggest fan then I absolutely love it now. I really enjoy the album and certain songs just get me. Definitely give it a listen!

13th Doctor Reveal!

This was huge because finally we have a female doctor! Seeing her in the Christmas episode has given me hope for her as the doctor and I am excited to see where it goes in the future!

Thank you for reading my little website and look forward to more amazing reviews in 2018!

Until next time.

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