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Doctor Who Christmas Special 2017 Review

So what it’s January? We can still talk Christmas shows right?

(This is the awkward thing when you take a break between Christmas and New Year!)

But anyway, new year, new Doctor!

Twice Upon a Time

In this Christmas episode there wasn’t really a bad guy, more just the Doctor battling with himself and whether he should regenerate or not. This causes a ripple in time where he bumps into his first self and a soldier that is related to one of the other old characters (I had to Google who though, I feel like this could’ve gone over a lot of people’s heads). In the end, and with some help from some old friends, he finally decides to regenerate and dun dun dun he’s now a woman!

I spoke more about this here but of course it caused a lot of controversy. But now seeing her as the Doctor I am actually very excited! I do feel like she could bring a whole new dynamic to the show and as long as they don’t make it too much about her being a woman I think the whole thing could be very good.

But anyway, back to the episode.

As the episode was mainly about the Doctor there were a lot of references to older episodes and old ways in which the Doctor used to do things. Of course the first Doctor was very misogynistic and sexiest but the banter between the old and newer Doctor was funny and didn’t make it awkward. Seeing Bill and a few other older companions was very sweet but felt a bit random and not necessary. I mean, Bill had a point but the others (who I won’t mention in case you haven’t watched it yet) were just kind of thrown in and really meant to tug on your heart strings and it didn’t work (at least for me).


It was nice overall though. There was a call back (which hasn’t been milked dry yet, of course!) of that moment in World War One where everyone stopped fighting for Christmas and played football. I feel like it might’ve been a good moment if it hadn’t already been so overused in everything else! Maybe I’m being harsh but it just felt cheesy and yes it was cute but it didn’t have the punch I think they were hoping for.

Overall, it was a good end to Peter Capaldi and I am excited to see what will come next but my main issue is the stories and the writing and I definitely feel if they wanted to update their scriptwriters the actual show would be 10x better as right now we’re kind of going in circles and I’m bored of it.

What did you think of the Doctor Who Christmas Special?

Until next time.


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