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A Christmas Prince Review

I know it’s January ok!


A Christmas Prince is a Netflix movie that I heard a lot of people talk about so decided to give it a go. The story follows a journalist who wants to get a great story and goes to a far off land (that all have English accents for some reason) to follow this royal family around as there are a lot of secrets to be uncovered. She accidentally weasels her way into the family by saying she is the princess’ new tutor. This is how she meets the Prince and starts to fall in love with him all the while still trying to find her story.

There’s a lot of twists and turns to this movie including a secret adoption, a dead King and obviously the big reveal of her true identity that ruins everything then puts everything back into place. What I love is in the end she even starts up a blog because that’s what we are all doing these days apparently!

I found this movie cliche to say the least. It was pretty ridiculous and very fantasy based. Something a young girl would definitely enjoy. The story isn’t too hard to follow, which isn’t always a good thing, and the overall ending was very groan-inducing. I got a lot of second hand embarrassment from this!

But what really annoyed me, and maybe I’m from the wrong age group to watch this sort of thing but, the prince wasn’t even that handsome! How am I supposed to follow a simple love story when even I can’t find the main guy attractive! Give me some old school Jeremy Sumpter (Peter Pan, 2003) or even the lads from Pride and Prejudice and Zombies! This is the main part of any good romance, finding the main guy attractive, and that just wasn’t there this time.


And finally, and my last criticism, it wasn’t even that Christmassy? Oh look snow! Oh look a Christmas tree! That doesn’t make it a Christmas movie! Honestly this could’ve been set at any time of the year and still had the same storyline.

A 4th of July Prince.

A Halloween Prince.

A Thanksgiving Prince.

Whoops, did I just name the sequels?

Overall, it’s a good little movie to watch but don’t expect too much. I just hope it’s a one off.

What did you think of A Christmas Prince?

Until next time.



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