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Black Mirror Season 2 Review

Surely nothing could beat Season One? But then Season Two came along and here are my mini reviews and thoughts on each episode.

Be Right Back


This was weird but didn’t surprise me. A woman’s partner dies but she is able to speak to him through a robot online. Then it builds up to being able to talk on the phone to finally having a replica built of him. Soon she realises though that the man she is with now is not the one she once loved. It blurs the line between mourning and holding on to a loved one and is incredibly touching. I loved this episode because it is believable. I believe a lot of people would use the service if it was real just to be close to their loved ones once more. But that’s the issue. No one can ever replace them and what happens in the end? Can you truly ever get over someone if they’re around you all the time?

White Bear

Black Mirror White Bear

Honestly, I skipped this one. I found it very slow and didn’t enjoy it at all. Upon reading up on the episode it does seem interesting and very socially apt but still it did not draw me in and so I had to miss it.

A woman wakes up with amnesia not knowing who or where she is. People are all around her but none help. Will she find out what really happened to her?

It sounds amazing but the actual episode just felt long and too slow. There have definitely been better Black Mirror episodes.

The Waldo Moment


Doesn’t this just scream our society? Waldo is a cartoon character who is very vulgar and has a cult following. During a somewhat high profile interview Waldo falls into politics so much so that he ends up running for council. There’s a lot of drama behind the scenes between the man who created Waldo and Waldo’s actual controller but what would you do? Does Waldo get your vote?

With the likes of Trump as president and Kanye, The Rock and even Oprah talking about the job is it so far fetched to think a personality could end up ruling us all? It’s a horrific idea but one I don’t see as fiction. People love people who cause a stir and a reaction and maybe that’s why Trump has now been elected. Maybe a Waldo prime minister isn’t as ridiculous as it first sounds….

White Christmas


Absolutely fantastic episode! Shook me to the core and I can’t wait to rewatch it.

Two men are stuck in a cabin and are chatting about their lives outside the cabin. Three separate stories are shared that intertwine together in an amazing way. But who really are they?

There are so many twists and turns in this episode you’ll be glued to the screen! From the Alexa parallels to the actual storyline itself it’ll have you hooked. I can’t think of a better episode to describe what Black Mirror is and if you only watch one episode make it this one.

There were some real highs and lows in this season but ones thing for sure. I am still as hooked as ever and thoroughly enjoyed the ride.

What did you think of season two? What was your favourite episode?

Until next time.

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