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Big Mouth Review

This may be the weirdest TV show I have ever watched but I don’t regret watching it at all. Just be warned: there’s a lot of swearing, a lot of sex talk and it’s all based around 13 year olds. All good? No don’t worry! They’re cartoons so that makes it ok (I’d put a wink here if I used emojis).


Big Mouth follows a group of young teens who are just starting puberty. The hormone monster, an actual monster that only they can see, joins them in their journey through their teenage years and helps them (or hinders however you look at it). There’s the female hormone monster for the girls who teach them about periods and bras and all that fun stuff. Then there’s the male hormone monster who’s full of rage and teen angst and a lot of sexual tension.

I’ll start by saying this is the weirdest show I’ve ever seen! But I also love it because while it’s frank and in your face and sometimes a bit vulgar it’s also true. It explains puberty in a way no one else ever has and I can imagine watching it and going through puberty it would’ve helped me understand things better while, as an adult I just watch it and relate. White shorts are never a good idea on your period.


But, I’ll be honest, this TV show is great if you aren’t easily offended. It’s weird and will take some time to get into but if you stick with it and persevere I can imagine you’ll be as hooked as I am.

At the moment there’s only one season on Netflix so why not give it a binge watch? Each episode is only half an hour long too so it’s easy to dip in and out.

And, yes, it may seem vulgar and over the top but at the same time it’s quite clever. There are plenty of meta moments in this show that even took me by surprise. Give it a go. It’s different but definitely something people will enjoy.

What do you think of Big Mouth?

Until next time.



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