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Lucifer Season One Review

This was a show I was recommended to watch and, first things first, was amazed that it was Gary from Miranda as the main guy! Wow Tom Ellis your characters changed a bit hasn’t it?!


Lucifer is about the Devil, in case you couldn’t have guessed, who has grown tired of Hell and has decided to take a vacation in LA where he has opened up a nightclub and is having copious amounts of sex with a variety of women. He is incredibly powerful, a force to be reckoned with and he is loving it.

But then one of his human friends dies and he wants to get to the bottom of it so starts helping the police, especially a young police officer called Chloe. They soon become partners as she finds Lucifer’s way of doing things and interrogating people may be unorthodox but is definitely effective. The first season is mainly about Lucifer’s relationship with Chloe and how he goes from a heartless devil (literally) to someone who actually starts to grow human feelings. It’s a brilliantly done TV show with a lot of naughtiness, comedy and some dark demonic stuff thrown in too.


I absolutely love this show and don’t believe enough people know about it. There is a lot of layers to Lucifer’s character and watching him grow and change throughout the season is fascinating as well as all the other characters we meet including his brother, a demon from Hell who’s obsessed with knives, and Lucifer’s therapist (yes of course he has a therapist). It also brings a new 21st century perspective on religion and who is really the bad guy and what Heaven and Hell really could be. Of course we are only seeing it from the Devil’s perspective but to be told that God isn’t the good person we have come to know him as is very interesting.

This show is fantastic as it marries together comedy and crime perfectly. It’s over the top but not in a camp sort of way and has it’s own little stories for each episode, as well as the overhanging one, to keep you interested.

If you haven’t already I strongly recommend you check out this show and give it a good go. It’s only three seasons long (at this point) and 14 episodes a season so won’t be too hard to binge watch on a weekend (and the soundtrack is killer too!)

And come on, in season three Clark Kent from Smallville is in it but that’s one to review for another day!

What do you think of Lucifer?

Until next time.


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