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Super Bowl Trailers 2018

Another year, another Super Bowl and with that a bunch of new trailers! Here I am going to talk about the top 5 that I am really excited for! In the words of Mario, here we go…

Solo: A Star Wars Story

Well that was certainly different. But it definitely felt like ‘here have some nostalgia and enjoy it!’ yes Han Solo was one of the best characters from Star Wars but now I feel they are milking the franchise a bit now. I mean Rogue One was OK but was definitely not the best and that was only made to tie up lose ends. Will this be much of the same? I hope it isn’t and has some depth and excitement to it.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

Anyone getting Kong: Skull Island vibes? Ok I’ve got to admit this one looks awesome! I’m worried it’ll have pretty much the same story as the last with the whole new dinosaur thing but it still looks good. I like the horror they’re bringing to this and I hope that resonates in the movie too. Dinosaurs are scary, give me some proper scares! I am very excited for this one and will definitely be marking it down on my calendar.

The Cloverfield Paradox

I’ll be honest I’ve never seen any of the Cloverfield movies but this has definitely sparked an interest. It looks horrifying but intriguing. a bit like Black Mirror but not too much. Knowing as well that it immediately got put on Netflix after this trailer has definitely excited me and I definitely think this is a must watch.

Avenger’s Infinity War

I still believe this movie will have far too many characters and be too bloated. Yes the hype is real but I do worry it won’t live up to that hype and I hope I am pleasantly surprised. I love most of these characters, don’t get me wrong, but who are the ones overshadowed for the others? I mean for a less than three hour film some of them have to get put to the back. I hope my favourites will get good screen time but with the amount of characters there are I doubt it. I hope it’ll be good but I worry. At least it can’t be as bad as DC…

Westworld Season 2

The robots are coming! We’re all going to die! I loved the first season of Westworld and this looks utterly fantastic! Everything about it looks utterly perfect and I hope the storyline holds up well too. I just hope it doesn’t lose its ending because it ended on such a high last time I want to really enjoy this season too. Definitely one for the watch list.

What was your favourite trailer from the Super Bowl?

Until next time.

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