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The Bad Education Movie Review

I used to absolutely love the Bad Education TV show so when the movie popped up on Netflix I thought I had to give it a go. Was it a bit too try hard though? Oh definitely, I think I’ll stick to The Inbetweeners….


From the outset you can tell what sort of comedy this is going to be. The first scene is Mr Wickers accidentally getting high on mushrooms and stealing Anne Frank from her own museum. It’s insensitive and a bit too much. Comparing it to The Inbetweeners again you could see where it was going with the humour from the show and you knew some of it was going to be a bit out there and gross but when it’s a show that has played on stereotypes and slightly out there humour to then suddenly go full left-field grotesque insensitivity it’s hard to enjoy it to its fullest.

The first part was obviously a quick gag. Something to reel the audience in. Then it does dial down and become something more enjoyable and like the original TV show.

Then the foreskin moment happens and everything goes wrong again, strike, 2.

If you do not know Mr Wickers’ class loses a famous foreskin that was being presented in a church. When he finds it he needs to stash it somewhere fast as people are beginning to question it so he unwillingly pops it in his mouth only to have to swallow it to answer people’s questions. It made me cringe, a lot, and felt unnecessary. I found the jokes in the TV series funny and relateable but now it seems they were trying to push the boundaries and see how far they could take it, well in my book they took it too far.

And finally, strike three, the class accidentally (see how this is all accidents?) become part of a Cornwall terrorist group. What? I mean where did that come from? It was like they were throwing out ideas just to see which one sticks.


I was underwhelmed by this movie and thought it tainted the original TV show quite a bit. The fun loving characters I grew with have suddenly become weird beings that are far too scripted (and obviously too). I say if you enjoyed the TV show give this one a miss because unlike other TV shows turned movies this adds nothing to the overall ideas of the show and will just dampen the fun you had from it.

What did you think of The Bad Education Movie?

Until next time.


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