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Fifty Shades Freed Review

It’s over it’s finally over! Or is it? Honestly, from watching this film, I hope so!

I got to see the last Fifty Shades under a special circumstance which meant all the other people in the cinema were people I knew and had a connection to the movie. This was the only thing that got me through it and made me enjoy this movie. Imagine normal people’s reactions x100. It was hilarious. The actual movie though, incredibly boring!


Christian and Ana are now married, woo, and we get to see their honeymoon which to be honest looked very, very luxurious. But problems are surfacing in the way of Jack a man who harassed Ana in her old job. This was the only real conflict in the whole movie. He pops up time and time again in different ways and really tries to cause harm to Christian and his family but with no real conclusion. One minute he’s doing this, oh it’s resolved. Now he’s doing this, oh it’s dealt with. Was this really needed?

Then there’s the whole pregnancy bit too which was just weird. We want to go hang out in the red room not deal with dirty nappies and breast feeding!

What I don’t understand with this movie is it seems to be trying to be something it isn’t. It’s trying to have problems and conflict but really it doesn’t need it. People who talk Fifty Shades and go watch Fifty Shades are there for the sex really, I mean honestly, that’s all people care about yet you see more in standard dramas. This is probably the most tame sex movie in the world and that’s just weird with the amount of hype it has.

Maybe in the books you can go into more detail and talk vividly about things that you can’t show on screen but when you’re watching Ana and Christian have boring missionary sex for the third time in a hour it makes you question is this really pushing the boundaries and enticing audiences? Yeah there’s the red room which they used like twice in a two hour movie and if I think back to the original film there was so much of it! It was a sexy and naughty and risqué and now it’s just not.


I was disappointed. I mean, I wasn’t going there to perv on the characters but you build yourself up for it. You know what sort of things these people are into so to be disappointed in that area when that’s the only unique selling point this franchise has is very disheartening.

I’m glad it’s coming to an end because this movie was tame and boring and they tried to make it sweet and lovey and it just didn’t work for me. If I wanted romance I’d watch The Notebook.

Fifty Shades has built up this reputation of handcuffs and whips and chains and passion and this movie, for me, had none of it and so I would definitely not watch it again.

What did you think of Fifty Shades Freed?

Until next time.



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