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Luther Season One Review

If you love Idris Elba you need to give this a watch! And in true BBC style each season is only four to six episodes long so you can binge watch it easily in an evening. What are you waiting for? Go, go!


Luther is a crime drama about a man called John Luther, obviously, who is a police officer with very unorthodox ways of doing things. It may not be the most legal or moral ways but he always catches the bad guys and that’s all that matters right?

The first few episodes are more stand alone and help you understand who the characters are and what they’re doing. These are pretty good but at times can be a little draggy. Just get back to the crimes god damn it I don’t care about your relationship drama!

Then the episodes take a turn with a more overhanging storyline that continues from one episode to another. This is where it’s kicked into gear and really has your full attention. There are many tense scenes and twists that are kind of obvious but still take you by surprise. The one thing I hated though was Alice, a girl who’s parents were murdered in the first episode and Luther is convinced she did it but with no real evidence. Overtime she becomes more of  a prominent character and I just find her a bit too weird to fit into all of it. She clearly has the hots for Luther but at the same time it’s an awkward thing to watch. I’d much prefer her to just disappear so I can really enjoy the storylines.


This season was good but even writing this review (and since having finished season two) I’ve found it very forgettable. Season two has stuck with me a lot more than this one so I say it is a good show to watch or to re-watch if you already have but maybe don’t expect the rest of the seasons to be like this one because, in my opinion, they’re much better.

What did you think of Luther?

Until next time.

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